Final mix - thanks for your input!

The party’s in the basement

Hey all,

I solicited feedback a couple of months ago on mixes and finally applied some of the suggestions - the newest mix is ‘The party’s in the basement’ whose inspiration comes from the movie ‘Eyes Wide Shut’.


In my brilliance I forgot to add a link to my site (duh)

Very very nice !
If I were the producer here I’d only change one thing; the kick/snare combo gives me a nu-metal vibe that IMO doesn’t fit the rest of the arrangement.


You know, as soon as I read your post it made sense. The drum sound isn’t quite right for that tune. I won’t be mixing it again (sick of it!), but thanks for the awareness - I’ll definitely think of this for future recordings - thanks for listening.


Sick of it ? Hahaha !! Tell me about it :laugh:
Thanks for listening ? My pleasure :)