I’m supposed to have all this free time over the next few weeks, but I ended up 100% overtime at work all week, and finally grabbed a couple of hours this evening, and wrote this - Claw and Eye - pretentious title - ah well, at least it has a talk box guitar on it. :…7604871

As always, many many thanks for listening!

Guitars are very, very nice Tom. Great effects and good song too, like the way you don’t always make the obvious moves in your stuff. Only heard it once but, as usual, will download and listen in the car :)

“Darmok and Jalad, at Tanagra”

very nice feel Tom - instrumentation is very well done.

Mirab, his sails unfurled…

i kept wanting to hear some reverb or delay on the electric piano. like a doors song, even though i’m not really much of a doors fan.

i love the mood and how the song construction totally creates that mood.

I toyed with the elec piano, JDET, but it seemed best without much on it. There are lots of space filling effects on the guitars, and it was getting too full. Well. I’ll mess around with it some more.

Augustine at Hippo, his hands together, his head bowed!

that’s cool

I wish I had written this one. :)
Very creative… dreamy and captivating. I enjoy listening to this too much to find anything to criticize. You may
need to work overtime more often. :agree:

Nice song, Tom. I like the mood you created that JDET was talking about. Neat instrumentation and mix of styles…

Good stuff! :agree:

Hey, Geoff, I don’t mix styles, I murder them! :laugh:

Thanks for the listens guys!

Lately, I’ve been doing my share of murdering styles as well. By the way, if the title “Claw and Eye” is pretentious, I’ve got some serious song renaming ahead of me!

Yep, it’s pretentious! :)

i need a bigger eraser.


Nice dreamy 1969 ish stuff there Tom.

...couple of hours....ggggggrrrrrrrrr

But, see, Craig, all I get is a couple of hours here and there. There’s this thing called “family” and then there’s that other thing, “work” adn those two things sure take up a lot of time…

Besides, I’d trade speed for your voice and writing skills anyway. :)

My two favorite pretentious lyricists:

Peter Sinfield from the early King Crimson days
Neal Peart of Rush

Pretentious as hell- but so good I’ll forgive them.

Probably my favorite Tom Spademan song, and one of my all-time favs from the N-Track site. Your voice fits this style perfectly. Good melody and instrumentation too. A little retro but fresh too. Recording is very good too, and mix is generally well balanced. If the song weren’t so good, I’d say leave the song be as is, but since it is so good… I know that you want to emphasize the Rhodes bass line in some places, but IMHO it gets a little too promininent in a couple of places. It might be worth tweaking.

Anyway, I’ve downloaded a copy for my permanent collection of recording forum music.


Why, thank you Mr. Springer. You are absolutely correct about the rhodes bass line.

“Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice.”

This is cool! :agree: