Finished EP...

Now how do I upload the album art??

Anyone out there know how to upload album art so Windows Media player will pick it up when someone plays your CD? I don’t mean my local copy, I mean for Joe Listener who pops in my cd on his machine…how do I update the database so my cover comes up?


I don’t have the docs anymore, but ther use to bea way to do it using asx files. Asx files are little text files that point to the actual wma files. They act as a buffer and let the poster add things like titles, graphics, links and more. Security concerns ablout some of they original offered functionality caused some features to be nuked, like automatically directing folks that play the files to websites. The docs should be avalaible on Microsoft’s website somewhere.

Unfortuately, this isn’t exacly the same thing as you are asking about – that stuff is stored on a major database that the player can search and match CDs to. I’d like to find that stuff out too.

Thanks anyhow man…maybe someone else knows and we can both find out…

ok…found it.

Windows Media Player uses AMG to get the info. I went to AMG’s site, and here’s what I found:


Why isn’t my favorite indie album listed on the allmusic?
If an artist or album is missing, it’s not on purpose-- we just have not received the release or artist information necessary to add the artist or album into the database yet. If you would like to see your favorite up-and-coming artist added to, try to contact them through their fan or label sites, and have them send us a CD, along with promotional and biographical information to:

Artist Submissions
All Media Guide
1168 Oak Valley Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

So, it looks like that’s how you do it…thought I would share in case anyone else was wondering the same thing (and of course for you, phoo!)