“evaluation edition”

I’m not sure really what’s going on. I just purchased a preSonus FireBox and at first I was pretty stoked when I way 6 independant channels avaliable but, every 20 seconds I get some funky set of tones that comes accross and a message stating something about an evaluation copy and a tone will be generated every 20 secs???

wierd… I paid for the software and the hardware… I suppose this is payback for all the crap I’ve pirated over the years… ( heh heh heh…)

any info would be appreciated…


If you only have the 16bit version of nTrack switch your Audio Devices in nTrack from Presonus Asio driver to Presonus WDM driver. The Asio driver is a 24 bit driver so if you have a 16bit version of nTrack your not registered to use 24 bit nTrack processing.

Presonus WDM will work for the 16 bit version of nTrack.

In nTrack
File/Settings/Audio Devices. Pick only Firebox WDM in both recording and playback windows.

You can try to force 16 bit using the ASIO driver to but I never had much scucess doing that with the 16bit version of nTrack it would always revert back to 24 bit.

Can confirm that the Firebox works, and it’s not happeneing because you used Limewire. :D