First audio line is automatic played and recorded in the second line

Hi Guys,

Regarding recording audio lines.

By recording the second audio line. The first audio line is automatic played and recorded in the second line. I tried all settings but could not find it.

Do you have an idea?

Many thanks in advance.


Check out this FAQ that applies to Windows & Mac: When I record existing tracks get recorded into new tracks

And this one for mobile devices: n-Track Studio for Android User Guide | n-Track Studio


Hi FlavioA,

Thankyou for your answer and the links.

I understand that the solution is find in the Dropdown menu from the recording audio: (un-arm Track, mute tracks being overdubbed). But it seems that all these options doesn’t have any effect with recording. So was there perhaps last week a Change update what caused an issue (for specific android 10). Because in the beginning of lastweek i could record seperate audio lines. It worked fine.

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The options in the rec-arc popup menu don’t affect the bleeding issue. Please try following the recommendations in the FAQ I’ve linked in the previous message:

Please make sure you’re using headphones while you record, otherwise the sound from the speakers will be picked up by the mic, in what is commonly referred to as bleeding. The problem may still occur to a lesser extent if you use open ear headphones and the volume is high, the mic may still pick up the signal coming out of the headphones, so if you’re using open headphones make sure that the listening volume is not too high.
If you’re using a phone headset (i.e. the one with the mic along the cable, with a TRRS 4 pole jack), try using regular headphones instead (i.e. the kind without the mic), so that the device’s builtin mic will be used instead of the headset’s mic.
Also try switching between the available options for the “Mic/input level preset” setting in the Settings box.
If you’re using an external audio interface make sure that the mixer or cabling is configured so that the output from the audio device is not fed back into the device’s input.