first try feedback plz

1man band

Love this software!

Saw some friends using it about 12 years ago, and decided to buy the full version recently to complete my (admittedly skimpy) home studio. So many features! Basically I only know how to record, import/export, zoom, select, and us the mixer for volume pan eq and vst effects, etc. Using these fundamentals I’ve just finished my first recording, a revamped version of an older song I wrote called "Waiting."

I decided to post on this forum, and I would appreciate any and all feedback related to any aspect whatsoever. I’m tough skinned so sugar-coating is not neccesary!

Click here to listen: Waiting


Sorry I didn’t get round to this sooner. Smashin’ stuff, Bo.

cool grove,

the lead is a bit pitchy in spots, vocals seem to get overpowered in some spots as well, ending was abrupt.

those were the only noticeable flaws IMHO and I say opinion because you may have intended all of those things I would have tried to avoid.

dontcare :cool:

Hey dontcare thanks for the feedback. That’s exactly why I posted! Hoping to hone the craft over time, and just need some direction. Anybody else, opinions/critiques welcome!