FL Studio as VSTI, Squeal occurs

I have the Producer version of FL Studio (Fruity Loops). I create a blank midi track, add a FL VSTI track to N-Track, and assign the output of the midi track to the FL VSTI. It all works fine for 20 minutes to an hour. Eventually, what I will describe as a high pitched squeal occurs that clips the Master output meters in the N-track mixer. This conitues to occur after all tracks in N-track have been muted. It also continues if I press the “panic” (mute all midi) button. I can save the song and close N-Track. Upon restarting N-Track and loading the song, I can again work for a period of time before the squeal returns. If I turn off the “LIVE” mode, the squeal goes away. As soon as it is turned back on, the squeal returns. Alternatively, if I press play with the “LIVE” button off, the squeal also occurs until the transport is stopped. I am running the “HIGHEST” buffer setting for the MME drivers for the Dell Laptop (listed below) and an Audigy on KX Project ASIO drivers at 23ms lag (desktop specs listed below).

I have N-track setup to not accept any live midi input as I am trying to do all my midi work through FL Studio. I map my midi controller to FL Studio within the VSTI interface for FL Studio. I am running build 1735 (FL Studio version 5.0.1).

This has occured on two machines. The first is an Athlon 2400 XP, Asus mb, Audigy Platinum (Kx Project Drivers, Creative drivers NEVER installed), 1 Gig RAM. The second is a Dell Laptop, D600, 1.4 GHz PIV, 500 MB RAM.
Both machines are running XP Pro, SP1.

FL Studio works without the problem when it is ran as a standalone rather than a plugin. The support staff for FL believe this indicates it is an issue with n-Track and not with FL Studio.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have now installed the latest build (1746). The problem persists.

Several people have reported this bug using “Live”. It’s a safe bet Flavio is on the case.

Stay tuned…