Flaming Lips

interesting idea

If you are familiar with Flaming Lips from Oklahoma - these guys seem to enjoy pushing boundaries (almost always a good thing IMO) and came up with something really novel.

On Valentine’s Day they released a free song on youtube - catch is, it consists of 12 seperate tracks on 12 seperate videos. The idea being that, to hear it properly, you need to get 11 friends and all of you each start one of the videos on your smart-phone/laptop/whatever at the same time (there’s a common voice instruction at the beginning of each video to determine if you are all in sync.)

Wild idea!

Problem is - the song really sucks.

Not having 11 friends, I cheated and downloaded all 12 videos, extracted the soundtracks as WAV files and loaded it into n-Track. I had to back off the volume on each track to -10 dB to avoid clipping but otherwise did nothing to the seperate WAV files - they lined up perfectly. I mixed it down and Voila! finished track (that I really have no interest in ever hearing again.)

The song is called “Two Blobs F–king” (with letters replacing the dashes) and giving it away for free makes a certain kind of sense because no one would pay for it.

Anyway - wild idea - bad material.

Hi BillClarke:
Is there a link to the YouTube Page that you can post????


Nice Work Bill.C. Right up my street.
Didn’t Muse Geo-cache the final track/s for an album on memory stick? I once tried to replicate an Eno idea with 8trk tape. One peice of musac split into 8 different parts of the house - it was crap.

Flaming Lips Free Youtube Channel

If anyone wants an MP3 of the finished song - PM me your email address and I’ll send it to you. (But you’d have to be a die-hard Flaming Lips fan or just insanely curious - it really isn’t very good)

I’m almost curious, but not curious enough. :)

Wise man.

Interesting idea. I might just have to have a go at constructing that myself.


When I saw the title, all that my brain would allow was this song:


Which doesn’t even say “flaming lips”… but it does say “pouting lips”. They don’t make records like that anymore.

…I wonder why…

Back Again :

I must be missing something in this Is the resulting render Visual or Audio or Both ?
The average audio level is somewhat high in level…
I think I heard you mention something regarding the level…
Are the contributors at various places around the planet?
Is this project an exercise in production techniques ????


I don’t know what effect there would be from viewing the videos all at the same time but I don’t think that is the intention since there are no instructions regarding placement of monitors/viewers - the instructions only deal with sync up for audio so the audio seems to be the point of it.

You’re right about the levels - I had to back off -10 dB to avoid clipping and did the same on all tracks to maintain the balance as they intended. Of course, if each track was played on a separate source clipping would not be an issue - just because I cheated and brought them all in together that it became an issue.

The “contributors” as far as I know are just the members of Flaming Lips. They took one of their songs - split it into 12 tracks and added video. I think their intention was to force people to physically get together in order to listen to the complete track (well, people who don’t have multitracking software, anyway.) I don’t think it has anything to do with production techniques - more of a social experiment.

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Quote: (Unblown_Jonson @ Feb. 18 2011, 1:40 PM)

I thought this thread was about eating Jalapenos, Habaneros and such... all dem' yummies WAY UP on the Scoville scale...

Guess not! :laugh:


Are you sure that's not called "Ring Of Fire" ????

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What's this "Scoville scale", anyway????


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