Folk Pop and Indie Rock

Mixing a project…

So check out these songs… I’d love to get some outside opinions.

Candy Apple is a really great song. Kinda folk/pop. I love it. Autumn isn’t as strong, but has a cool indie vibe to it.

I am mixing this for a friend and feel I am pretty close to being done. But any other thoughts are appreciated…


I like Candy Apple. It doesn’t sound like it has any bass (it could use some)? I thought the beginning was a little abrupt - not sure how you can change it. I like how it builds but it’s a little long IMO, i.e., you think that it stops at one point but it doesn’t. I would try to make the harmonies stand out alittle more.

Nice sound.

Mr Soul

you’re right… candy apple is a beautiful song. i love it… seems like songwriting of that tune is on a completely different level than autumn.

- i can hear the bass well, but the level seems slightly low for my taste
- i like the abrupt beginning, and i think the song length is perfect
- i think the harmony level is perfect
- great dynamics throughout… very emotional performances

i really like your recordings. if you work on the mixes, i’d like to hear more!


Candy Apple is beautiful. Wasn’t sure about the “stiff” drums near the beginning and bass was a bit soft, but guitar, vocals melody, lyrics, very good.

Thanks :;):

I love Candy Apple. Melody is impressive. Does get a bit long, a bit repetitive, but the overall sound is premo!


I’ve just been a lurker in the forum for a short while but I got to tell after listening to your stuff I had to register and post. Absolutely love the production and for that matter both the songs too. I also listened to your other post of the pop songs excellant as well! Adding any advice would be nit picking in my opinion your production is that good. But here goes just so I can say I contributed at some level, Tighten up the snare sound and then fatten it up. Watch the snare levels where the instrumentation is thin. Tell the song writers the songs are great but lack the proverbial hook that won’t let you forget the name of the tune. Thanks for letting me participate.