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Whats your bedtime snack?


Just had to write…Red Leicester Cheese on Jacobs crackers (Lurpack butter) with a bottle of Rose wine…around midnight…

Surely…only a Brit would know? :D



Bowl of rice chex.

another BIG slice of strawberry cheesecake. sara lee brand.

A chocolate covered ice cream bar.

Vlasic Hot Peppers and Saltines.

Quote: (spreadercraig @ Mar. 27 2009, 6:49 PM)


Just had to write....Red Leicester Cheese on Jacobs crackers (Lurpack butter) with a bottle of Rose wine...around midnight...

Surely...only a Brit would know?




I could just eat the Jacobs Crackers with 'em!

Mateus Rose wine? :)

Red Leicester Cheese

Best cheese I ever had a friend brought back to me from England. Awesome cheddar. No killing all the flavor with pasteurization in England from what he told me. I still remember the aged bite it had. Wonderful stuff!

what the heck is a lurpack?

i had key lime cheesecake last night, but my favorite is tortilla chips with the tostitos salsa con queso.
in fact, i think i’ll have some now, even though it’s 9:30 in the morning.

Hmmm… I eat dinner around 1830 or so and have a glass of red about 2100… in bed around 2230. I was telling a micro-biologist friend of mine about my chronic stomach troubles… you know, heart-burn, acid reflux in the middle of the night… all that stuff… He suggested a glass of red wine an hour or so before bed time and rattled off a bunch of biomedical lingo that made my eyes glass up and my ears go numb. You know what? It works!! I’ve been doing this for about five years now and I can’t recall the last time I was awakened by heart-burn or reflux.


PS Most of the red wines I’ve tried taste like shoe polish… but hey…

I tasted the “new wine” today - it is soo smooth - I had forgotten how much better home made wine was.


Slices of doorstep toast done on a coal fire with lashings of Lurpack (the real yellow artery hardening stuff)
and a mug of Ovaltine. :O


I just chomped down on a one of my "jucy burgers" with home fries.
Darn I'm good.
lol and fat!
The sad part, I'm out of chocolate chip cookies.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm CHOCOLATE!

bedtime snack would be my hunni’s muffin, :O ,
and i like that for breakfast too,

Been on this strength training kick of late… so mine was a hard boiled egg and some tuna… glass of whole milk.