For Flavio, A Needed Feature Request.

For Flavio, A Needed Feature Request.

Please, this feature is needed now that there are many new features involving takes and moving part around the work space. While a part/take is high lighted, the right click option has near the bottom “Place Cursor At” and has the following options:

“Beginning of part”
"End of part"

What is needed here is, a new option added to the above location:

"Place part at cursor"

Reason: While editing wave files/takes outside of N-Track, in this case replacing existing files/takes, the import option always defaults the parts to the start position 0:00:00

If editing/replace various parts/takes at various locations through the time line, this option will come in handy to allow the user to use, “Place Cursor At/Beginning of part” to set the cursor at the beginning of the file to be replaced on the time line, then high lighting/right click on the imported file, select “Place part at cursor” to zap the high lighted imported file to the exact target location on the “time line” it’s going to replace.

With out this feature you have to move each file by hand and edge it every so slowly to match it to the position of the file your replacing on the time line. If dealing with large numbers of replacement files, this can be a time consuming, eye ball straining adventure.