For Review

My first submission here.

I posted this to the Audiominds website a couple months ago. The second version didn’t seem to elicit much of a response there, so I figured I would post it here.

Dark 2.0

Be glad there are no vocals, as I cannot sing. :;): However, there are some places where vocals are intended.

Any feed back is welcome.




Despite the title, I found this a nice happy tune :D
Professional sound, there’s certainly nothing I can suggest which would make it "better"
I can only criticise from a personal point of view, and only then that I found the little “musical box” motif quite charming - for a while.
I think you have tended to overdo that particular part and should use it more sparingly, bringing it forwards and backwards in the mix so that it doesn’t become annoying.
Oh, and don’t worry about singing. There have been many people (me included) who have said on this board “I can’t sing”. Well, after being brow beaten and bullied into singing, most people find that they can sing. Maybe not great, but the voice very quickly improves with practise and anyway, listen to some of the greatest ever songs. You’ll soon agree the “best” singers don’t always make the best ones :D
Have a go! and if you really can’t, then give someone a chance to submit some vocals, I’m sure you’ll find somebody.


Great tune I enjoyed it throughly and all my friends who were on line at the time enjoyed it too. Perfect Id say maybe over too soon.

wow really catchy. i would agree though… make that blippy melody “go away” for awhile… at least somewhere in there… and build up to it coming back later in the song. it’s VERY good, but painful to listen to through the whole song (perhaps removing it, or putting it in the background more where the vocals should sit?). nice drum groove.

Excellent tune! Please drop the music box effect where u intend the vox to come in and bring it back behind the solo, and again before the fade, the effect will be much more dramatic and add light and shade.Everything else great! If you don’t wanna attempt the vox, I would love to have a go and I’m sure a few others would also. I can almost hear them!

Thanks for the feedback. :)

I tried to remix this last night but I wound up spending hours fighting with n-track instead. Somehow it seems that my .sng file got corrupted. It still opens, and is mostly playable, but some of the vsti tracks are messed up (the actual synth channels, not the midi data).

I’m going to try and export all the wav and midi data into a new .sng file and start fresh (from a mixing point of view).


Nice mix, nice recording and nice song. What was your setup on the lead guitar ? Good stuff i enjoyed it.



Thanks Ted! Sorry about the delay in the reply. It’s been a tad hectic around here. :p

The lead guitar is really nothing special. I’m just playing my Washburn MG-700 running into my Digitech RP-12 floor processor. From there, I’m running direct into my M-Audio Firewire 410 interface.

Both my guitar and fx unit are getting quite dated, but they seem to work fine for me. One of these days I’ll get one of those fancy amp-modeling thingamajig’s with tubes & stuff. For now, this will do. :)

In case anybody was wondering, The acoustic guitar is a blend of direct and mic’ed with an SM-57. It’s an Ibanez.

In fact, I had just bought that SM-57 (my first real mic) before doing this song, so the tambourine and the egg shaker were recorded with it as well. It gives it more of a “live” feel I think.

The rest is all sequenced.

Quote (Bruffie @ Sep. 08 2005,08:27)
Excellent tune! Please drop the music box effect where u intend the vox to come in and bring it back behind the solo, and again before the fade, the effect will be much more dramatic and add light and shade.

Hmmmm! Forget this comment that I made. When you add vocals, the music box will work as a counterpoint to the vox and will be less obvious. Keep it!
You will know what I mean from my e-mail :)


Very cool song! The recording quality is excellent. The “toy piano” that some have an issue with could use a different voice somewhere in the middle of the song. Keep the same progression, just change the sound can be an effective way of keeping the vibe of the song without getting too repetitive.


Bill :cool:

Man, I like the mix. You are an awesome guitar player.

I do like the music box effect. It makes the performance unique. However, it isn’t necessary throughout the entire song. I agree with some of the other suggestions for how you may get around the “too much” issue. For example, you can try different sounds for the melodic lead as the song progresses. Or you can try adding various effects to change the “color” of the existing sound (i.e., reverb, chorus, etc.).

Otherwise, I thought you did a fantastic job!


Yeah, hey, let’s lose that dang thing, huh?! No!! Only fooling, dude. Great vamp, fun little vibe. Ya, there’s a little dark-thing there, but it’s got a real Happy-Goth-Carnival thing going on. Neat.

So, never mind that “I can’t sing” trip. Right… :D