For The Wife

Wife asked me to write a song I actually sang, not growl. Here is to her.


Radio ready!

What you using for drums D?

Cool. And very polished!



OH YES! (Oh man, I’m up dancing and I think I pulled my back!)
Love it Duff! :agree:

Details, details, details!

Excellent work!

Your “style” is unique.

very well put together Duff!! love the horns, vocals, guits, all of it!.. nice job

Before I sold my acoustic drums I had recorded about a gig of sounds, patterns, flams, rim shots, splashes, ect. The basic pattern is a bunch of those edited together.
Congas are my congas.
Tom runs, latin cymbal splashes and other stuff are combo of my electric set and a Yamaha DD55.
Piano and harmony horns, Casio keyboard.
Solo trumpet stabs is my youngest daugther, forced into it by withholding allowance & food. Didn’t work so took away cell phone…BINGO!
Classical guitar is my cheapo 1/2 size bought in Nogales Mexico, “A” string removed tuned to open Em.
Lead guitar part is my home-made Duff-O-Caster all other electric an Ibanez AS80.

Now that I have told you guys this…I will have to hunt you’s down and…



Now that I have told you guys this.....I will have to hunt you's down and.....

Told us what? I never bother to read posts here. I just reply with nonsense... honest!


PS Yep. The cell phone gets 'em everytime... opps... I didn't read that! REALLY! I'M TOO GOOD LOOKIN' TO DIE! I can't use the "too young" bit anymore... :p

Taking cell phone away . . . . pure genious! :)

Good job on all Duff. :agree:

See there, LOVE ruined another band! Darn!
Well put together Duff, nice playin!

it sounds exactly as a artist from Spain: Juan Rivas.

PRO: 6

That’s superb Duff. Love the feel of it. Great job! :agree:

I suspect that song will increase the global warming at your house. :agree: