format converter...

Hey, I’m planning on buying a second ADA8000 to use with a recording session soon and am excited to gain 6 more tracks (16 ADAT vs 8 Analogue/2 SPDIF) but I need to figure out something…

My Line6 amp (vetta II) has S/PDIF output as well as analogue outputs and I can use the S/PDIF output to record a completely dry guitar track for “re-amping” while listening to the modeling amp tracks with the analogue outs…

now, if I go all ADAT, I lose the ability to use the S/PDIF in on my Layla 24/96, but I’d REALLY like to record a dry guitar track as well…

So, should I buy a direct box for the guitar and use that to record the dry track by plugging it into the ADA8000? Or, should I get a format converter that’ll change the S/PDIF to ADAT?

If I get the format converter… I need one that can place the signal into an already existing ADAT stream-the ART DPS II had a great feature that let me choose between S/PDIF or ADAT 1/2,3/4,5/6,7/8 on 48 khz settings-meaning I could daisy chain four dps II’s together and have 8 ADAT tracks. Many converters will change a S/PDIF into an adat, but I don’t know if it will let me choose where to place it, or do I lose the other 6 ADAT channels when I do it…?

So can you recommed
A) a quality but inexpensive ($25-$50) direct box
B) a quality but inexpensive format converter that allows the digital output to be placed into an ADAT stream without affecting the other channels.


By “dry” guitar track you mean after the signal has been processed through the vetta? Or do you mean that you want to simply plug the guitar into the DI and then into the 8000? Doesn’t the vetta have an out for recording direct?

For cheap you might actually try the little berry active DI boxes. One thing I would not use would be something like the Art tube MP thigns, although they are supposed to sound good as DIs, they seem to me to sound rather wooly, having used one for a while now.

the vetta has multiple outputs…

xlr outputs… effected sound (modelled amps/effects/etc…)
Speaker outputs… effected sound MINUS A.I.R. (mic modelling)
and Digital outputs… which can be used to send a non-effected (dry) signal to your recorder.

The idea is you record say 3 tracks, you listen to the xlr outs for the sound of a guitar amp and such while recording the digital outs as a dry D.I. box sound. then you use the digital outs to send that dry signal back to the amp later and you can adjust the model settings for a better mix.

ever record a distorted guitar part and realize it’s TOO distorted… too late right? with the digital “dry” signal, it’s not. you simply bring up that patch, turn down the distortion and send the dry signal to the amp and re-record the track with the proper settings.

It’s virtually identical to running a direct box BEFORE any effects and the amplifier and recording that track. Then taking that track back into an amp later to adjust settings for a better mix.

I’m leaning towards picking up a GI100 or two and using that. it’s only $35 and I don’t think they’ll be much/any difference to the dry signal via S/PDIF.

Can anyone recommend a decent 8 channel mic pre WITHOUT ADAT outs? I’m only gettin $200 from the next band and $35 will go to a DI and another $30 would go to the FBV2 for switching channels on my amp… I was thinking of a ADA8000 at first, but I don’t actually need the ADAT part of it, just the preamps…

how does the ADA8000’s pre’s compare to the SM PRO audio PR8 or some other cheapy multi-channel pre?