forum newbie

I like what I SEE

After cruising this forum for a while I can see that there are a lot of informative knowledgeable people helping each other. I’m looking forward to using this forum.
Cruiser[Be Here Now]

Welcome cruiser!

Soon enough you will be helping too.



Thanks Don…just for info I’ve just upgraded to ntrak v4 I use the usb omnistudio from m-audio. Today my Behringer ub1832fx will arrive so I’m looking forward getting my little studio up and running. I’ve just quit a classic R&R band that I’ve played with for the last 12 years and am now doing a duo with the lead singer that also left the band. We will be performing originals and covers something the old band wouldn’t get into…“originals” that is.

Don’t forget to post your recordings! That’s why we hang here - free indy music! :)