Forum not displaying the entire screen

Using my IPad the forum does not display the entire width of the posts. The sentences are cut off o
On the right side so the the whole line is not displayed. This does not happen on other sites and this forum displays correctly on my PC. Anyone else having a problem? Any suggestions as to what the problem is? By the way, this entry/typing scorn displays correctly. Weird!

Hi Bax,

thanks for pointing this out, it should be fixed now.


Thanks. It’s fixed!

Oops! Actually, it’s still not quie right. It’s better for sure, but the right side is a black band and the menu lines are still short. The actual post is shown in total, so, that is now much improved.

Weird, now the post is back to cut off.
I notice that the operating system now stores screen shots.
Could that have something to do with it?
This page, the page I am typing on is completely displayed .
I noticed that the line on the Screen that lists Acciunt, Members, Search, Calendar, then a space Is cut at the n- in the word n- Track.
On this screen, the left side is slightly cut it displays. "to n-Track Studio Forum - Forum not displaying entire screen"
There’d Username

WHen I switch to the Display screen, the left side displays correctly and the Left side is shortened.

Looks ok now!