FRANKENstein running?

So then I take it that you were unable to find any news stories on the link I posted that support your assumption.

I didn’t check today’s list but I find bias on Drudge Report all the time & I’ve reported some here (while you were gone). The biggest “flop” I can remember was the Kerry-intern story. Last week, it was the picture that he showed of Hillary when she was sick. Some is subtle & some is blatant.

Do you want me to inform when I see one?

I was actually (pleasantly) surprised today to see that Drudge gave anything to global warming.

Have you ever looked at the anti-Drudge site - Drudge Retort.

Mr Soul

He was also running a story about Kerry voting in favor of some bill to spend anoth $80Bn for the military – not negative at all on that one.

Yes & why do you think he made that story a major headline on his site? 3 guesses & the first 2 don’t count :laugh:

Mr Soul

Mike… We have to stop meeting like this… Just you and I… All alone in this thread… people are starting to talk.


Seriously, though… I din’t want to have this conversation in the first place. So go ahead and get your last word in, as you seem obsessed to always do, and let’s call it “we disagree”. OK?


I only get the last word in when I have to either make my point or get the truth across.

Maybe I’ll take the last word in this thread.