Free Fruity-loops type program


Stumbled across this:

A pretty good (free!) alternative to Fruity Loops. So far so good. A few bugs in places but it’s early in development.


Looks cool. I wish I knew more about linux etc.
Ho-hum…more reading less music.

Looks pretty, but what if I don’t have linux and don’t even know how to learn about it?

You don’t need Linux guys. It runs under Windows too. The name is a bit misleading.


If it’s a cracked program it might end up cracking you :)


Cheers Mark A - I’ll drag it in again.
Hi, SlutS - tell us about your music?

It’s the same music as Levi’s, I’ll warrant. :)

:laugh: TomS you know I don't do Glam Metal!

I do agree with SlutS though.
If it’s a cracked program, it might be designed to crack your daw.
Just a thought.
Here’s to all sluts too :agree: :laugh:

Quote: (Levi @ Jan. 02 2010, 11:48 PM)

:laugh: TomS you know I don't do Glam Metal!

Oh yes you do - we all know about your "problem" Levi - the first step is to admit you have a problem.

C'mon, say it with me: "I love glam metal."

Say it, Levi! It's for your own good!


I love t’shirt metal, so what?
See anything glamorous about my avatar?
I don’t. Of course you know what they say about a well dressed man. Evey girls crazy about um.

“A good looking guy looks good in anything he puts on.” (Albert Alligator)

Thank you lol

Just in case there’s a need for a new wardrobe…


Quote: (phoo @ Jan. 03 2010, 3:50 PM)

Just in case there's a need for a new wardrobe...


Oh man I had that belt.

RetroLushus! Nice Phoo :laugh: :agree: