free virtual drum machine & keyboard software

I want to get the software equivalent of going out and buying an electronic keyboard with different sounds (bass) and pre-programmed drum tracks.

With he physical keyboard I’d select a drum pattern, adjust the temp, then play the bassline over top of that and feed it into the n-track studio via 1/8" plug.

I’d like to find this software so that I can compose songs on the computer, render the mp3 or wav files, and use that as an n-track track

anyone know if such an animal exists? even if it’s paid?



I’ve never heard of one like that, but the concept sounds convenient.

Many of the drum type VSTes come with preprogrammed rythms, I’m pretty sure even the new nTrack drums has preprogrammed drums and there are plenty of free VSTes that you can get off of So in combination you can do this easily and for free and use them in a DAW or by using a program that can play VSTes standalone and these are available for free too.

FL studio is a good program for creating drum loops with ease and has great midi capabilities and loads of included synths and romplers etc

Band in a box will allow you to compose the song and it will create a drum track.

You can also give SuperJAM! a try – yes the official name included the caps and !. It’s an old appliction that is available for free download. It should run fine on WinXp and earlier, but not WinME (WinME no DOS support at all). There are a lot of other styles to download.

Melody Maestro (real thing) and Easy Keys (demo only, unfortunately) are simple click and play apps.

Band in a Box, Jammer Pro, Rebirth (which is now free), Reason, Groove Agent, Virtual Guitarist, Virtual Bassist even Hypersonic if you set up the Combis right, and even Acid or Fruity Loops if you’re prepared to do a little work. Plenty of stuff out there. And most can be “plugged” into n as a VSTi or via Rewire, or if not then just import the generated wave file.