Freebies anyone?

Mixer and a couple of mics

Hi, all!

Having lost inspiration and being of mediocre talent, I don’t do much in the music area these days. (registered Ntrack user of a few years ago -v2.2-, but have lost my original login info)

I have a couple of microphones and a small Behringer mixer that I’d like to pass on to a talented newbie to help them get their start in this great hobby. It’s probably not appropriate to offer them for sale in this venue, so I’ll just send them to the first person who emails me. Once you receive them, you can send me what you think they’re worth or send nothing. Your call. Just want to pass them on to a fellow Ntrack’er who can get some good out of them.

(Be internet smart. Give a safe address, probably NOT your home!)

Tom C.

To prove my lack of talent:
(the email on that page is obsolete)

The items are now no longer available. (They went quick!)