Freezes and upgrade recommendations

Hello all-

I’m just getting into recording on my PC, so I’ve been giving N-Track a try. One problem I noticed is that after recording a track, If I hit stop during playback, my system locks up. I’m using a Line 6 Bass PodXT, running into the USB of my PC, which is a Pentium III 1Ghz with 512 RAM. I’ve got the bass pod set up to act as the playback and recording device. My sound card is a Soundblaster AudioPCI 64V, and I’m runing Windows ME.

I’m thinking of upgrading various parts of my system, such as upgrading to Windows XP, and getting a new sound or audio card. I’m looking at a E-MU 404, or maybe a Soundblaster Audigy 2. Any suggestions?

I would definitely ditch Windows ME and upgrade to XP for starters and then see how your system performs.
ME has got to be one of Microsoft’s worst attempts at an OS.
The E-mu or even one of M-Audio’s Audiophile cards would be a decent option in regard to soundcards.
I’d still upgrade the OS first and foremost.

I’ll upgrade my OS, been meaning to do that for a while anyway. I’m still getting lock ups when I hit stop. Any tips on changes I can make? Will buffer settings affect this at all?


Don’t make any drastic changes until you’ve upgraded to XP.
I used to have all sorts of problems when I ran Win98se, which simply went away with the upgrade.
My processor and memory are exactly the same as yours and buffer settings are default, I have no problems with lockups any more.
If you can, I would suggest a “clean” install of XP rather than an upgrade. I know it’s not always possible but it really is the best thing to do.


I’d love to do a clean install, but the upgrade version of XP is much less expensive for me than a full install.

Thanks for the help!

You can still do a ‘clean’ install of XP with the upgrade CD. All of the files are still on the CD. Essentially, the upgrade package is cheaper because you have already paid for 98, ME, etc…

Yes, do a clean install, reformatting the hard drive.

Google “install windows XP”, and there are various sites explaining how to do a clean install.