Freezing track to record sounds with external app

Hi all,

I want to record with an external app. I use an app called ‘Sunday Keys’ to get good quality sounds. I then record this audio via midi and record on a track within the nTrack app. The problem starts when I want to record a 2nd track with an other sound. When I change the sound in the Sunday Keys app, the midi recorder track which I allready recorder on, Will change in that new sound. I want in to stay in the old sound, so I can add a new track with a new sound.

I allready tried to ‘freeze’ the track, but that doesnt seem to work.
I am using the latest version of the app on an iPad.

Anyone who knows a solution?



Hello @Martijn_Ras. I took a look at the app and it doesn’t seem to be possible to host Sunday Keys as an AUv3 plugin in a DAW, nor as an InterApp. Please correct me if I’m wrong, it might be a limitation of the Sunday Keys demo I’m using.
How are you recording your performance? Are you using Audiobus? Send us a short video if that’s more convenient.
If the app can’t be hosted as an AUv3 plugin, the only option would be to record the output of Sunday Keys as audio instead of MIDI.
Let us know your exact configuration so that we can assist you and suggest the best solution for your needs.

Hi Piervincenzo!

Thank you for the quick reply. Just by having the app open and selecting ‘instrument’ when creating a new track, and the choosing the nTrack virtual output at the midi output gets me the exact sound and midi info on the track. So until then it works. The question is how to make a new track and choosing another sound without the track thats allready recorded chancing to that sound.

Or is this just not possible?

And recording via audio doesnt seem to work.

Hope you can help!

Ah, I see. You are actually sending the MIDI events to the virtual output, and Sunday Keys happens to be listening from there.
Unfortunately the Sunday Keys app is not designed to support your intended use. One option would have been to use something as Audiobus, but I checked and Sunday Keys doesn’t support that either.
If you have an audio interface you could maybe send the audio output of Sunday Keys to a channel of the external interface and route this channel a the input of an audio track in n-Track Studio. I would have to test this, there are probably some caveats depending on which app is currently in foreground, but it could be an idea.