Freezing doesn
´t include the N-T Eq.

Hi all, This is my first post in the forum altoght I read you long time ago. I
´m from Spain… (sorry for my english…), I
´ll try to explain the problem the best I can.

External VST effects work after the N-Track graphic equalizer. So, if for expample I eq a track with the N-T equalizer (20 dbs at 100 hz) and then insert an external compressor (into that track), These 20 dbs added are also compressed, making a big work in the compressor.

The problem comes when freezing the track.

When I freeze a track, the freeze doesn
´t include the N-Track graphic equlizations (only freezes the vst effects). This generate a problem. The volumen added in the N-T eq doesn
´t go to the compressor. So, the thresold level of the compressor is not working correctly and the volumen and color of the track is different to the sound of the track when it is not freezed.

This problem would not exist is N-T grafic EQ could be also freezed before VST effects works.

Hope it
´s understood.

My question is if you know any way to route the N-T eq to the vst effect when freezing??

´s sad that I can
´t use the N-T equalizer because I freeze most of the tracks…


I’m not positive if there’s a way to do exactly what you want with the N-Track EQ, but you could always load up a free EQ VST first in your plug-in chain and do your boosts/cuts there, then put your compressor next in your chain. Now when you freeze your track you will have exactly what you want. (Then you could also make further small adjustments on the Ntrack VST as the track unfolds as well if you wanted.)

Hi, massimo. Thats what I do. I use external EQs for coloring and enhace. N-Track equalizar is very useful to find peaks and for the corrective EQ. It also has the adventage of being alredy working at every track.

I don
´t understand why freezing doesn
´t include the EQ. It would be fine if N-T had the option of freeze it too.


Hi Gents, on this topic:

In my opinion and when I configure n-Track I choose to Exclude or not install any VST or any effects/plug ins on any preamp/output strips-and-channels…
I always turn OFF any effects that are normally on and remove them, every time I download-and-update builds of n-Track at install time…

This issue that you have may very well be an issue that you report regarding “Freezing” channels…
However, I only assume that…


I would be happy :) if I had a “prefreeze-EQ” option in the EQ controls…

This way, EQs would be added to the “freezing”.

Or much better. Freezing, freezes ALL effects. I don
´t understand why Flavio doesn
´t include NT-S effects in the freezing. :(

Take care if you are mixing using freeze option… volumen and color are completely messed when you freeze a track using N-Tracks and external VSTs.

´m following your advice. I
´m removing all NT-S effects in my projects. In my opinion this a big mistake in N-Track.


You would of expect ‘freeze’ to err… freeze the output of the track in the state a normal playback would attain. Otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose don’t it?


I prefer to sub mix when things are getting cpu heavy - nothing lost.

You’re right TonyR…

I rarely use the freeze…
I did way back in the P-111/P-4 Days…
I haven’t been multi-tracking sense then, anyways…

I would liked to have picked up (at the Meet) some 8-to-16 track A-D/D-A Converter Hardware to update the Studio Multi-Track Audio Setup…
Nothing there…

Do you think that We as Users should spend some time (to investigate, the FREEZE) and get Flavio to update the “FREEZE” feature ????..

Just checking…


Lots of folks still need freeze. Nothing beats a nice, smoking hot quad-core though… Lord knows I have enjoyed mine.


Send whatever tracks to a submix. Freeze the submix. Import the underlying submix-freeze wavefile as a new track. Delete whatever you don’t need.

Quote: (phoo @ Dec. 12 2010, 2:16 PM)

Send whatever tracks to a submix. Freeze the submix. Import the underlying submix-freeze wavefile as a new track. Delete whatever you don't need.

Nut shell - in one :)