Frustrating Midi Problem

Hi all, new here so would first like to say 'HI!'

Anyhoo, my problem is that when i record a first midi track (say a simple scale), then record a next track (same scale, different instrument), the second track is way off time (usually starts before the first track - not in sync).

What could possibly be the problem?

Windows XP
USB Midi Mate cable
Yamaha PSR-275
Onboard sound

Thanks in advance!

Hey,Shaunno, and welcome to the forum !

It could be a couple of things.
1 st off, try selecting ‘use wave device’ as the timing source
(File -> settings -> preferences -> midi devices).

2nd - It could be with the usb device as well …

What’s a Yamaha PSR-275?

What are you using as the MIDI synthesizer? By default, it’ll be the MS Wavetable software synth, which has serious latency problems, and this would be all or part of the problem.

If you’re using ANY software synth, you need to configure your system for low latency. To get into that, we need to talk drivers (MME, WDM, and ASIO). But I don’t want to go into that unless you are indeed using a software synth – and one other than the MS Wavetable synth, which isn’t really suited for your purposes. If it’s all you have at the moment, don’t fret – there are good free plugins to try.

If the Yamaha PSR is a synth and that’s what you’re using for as the MIDI synth, then the above is probably not your problem. But, are you SURE you’re listening to the synth and not a software synth on the computer? I.e., where are you plugging in your headphones / monitors?

First, see whant n-Track is using as the available MIDI output devices. Go to “Preferences -> MIDI Settings -> MIDI Devices” and see what’s in the list for output devices. If the device you want to use isn’t highlighted, select it. Note that you can select more than one device.

The next thing to check is the MIDI track’s properties “Output To” setting. Make sure it’s what you want.

Hi guys and thanks for the fast replys!

Wihan, you are my saviour :) it was the ‘wave’ timer thingie that was causing the problem. such an easy fix!

and learjeff, the PSR-275 is my keyboard. i dont know if thats the same thing as a midi synth??

Good call, Wihan!

It’s the same thing as a MIDI synth if that’s what the sounds are coming out of. If it’s just a MIDI keyboard (controller only, no sounds) then it’s not a synth.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well. Disregard my stuff since it’s beside the point.

Never mind… gotta read closer.