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My band is releasing a single which I recorded on N-track, and we have the mastered version, we have the video, we’re getting it pressed… It just happens to be an epic eight minutes long and nobody is going to touch it with a barge pole. So we have to have an edit for the radio/TV whatever.

The tune does change significantly at the four minute mark, so I can just lop the last four mins off it, and it should still work. So what I want to do is get the tune off the master and into N, and then the guy doing the video can do an edit to go along with the new, shorter take.

But how? I can rip the track onto the computer but it ends up as an MP3, and I dont think the quality is going to be good enough. (Mind you, nobody seems to care about quality anyway) The reason Im not just using my recordings on N is that its not mastered and the mastered version is way better.

Also, I did try a search regarding this issue, but couldn’t find anything, so apolgies if this has been discussed hundreds of times.

Any thoughts?

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There are many programs that will rip to a PCM WAV file. That is what you want.

One free one is called CDEX. Search the web and you will find it.

Dave T2

DBpoweramp is a shareware program that can rip from CD straight to a wave file. I use it for most of the file conversions that I do, and it works beautifully.


In n-Track got to Add Channel/Import From Audio CD. After you edit, use File/Mixdown Song to save your changes to .wav.

Nice one guys, plenty to go on there, really appreciate it