Getting punch-in edit to work

I understand the use of punch-in editing from experience as a musician in the studio. I have read over the instructions several times but can’t get punch-in edit to behave as described in n-track.
I am using N-track 9 standard edition with Windows 11 on desktop.
Are there some tips you can suggest?


the user guide topic on punch-in was a bit outdated, I’ve updated it now, if you’re still having problems please let me know what happens exactly.


Thanks for prioritizing some time on this topic. I like the program in so many ways.

I printed the page on punch-in recording from the v4, most recent I believe. I finally spotted the line: “If enable punch- in recording is selected…” but still did not know it was INSIDE the metronome box. I did not know Metronome was under the VIEW in the tool bar.

This path needs to be far more clear to the user. I have spent days searching n-track videos and others hoping for a clue, determined to find and use the tool.