Getting rid of multiple "take" wav files

After multiple punch ins to get things just right, I see that each new take gets its own “songname_takeNN.wav” file. After several sessions there can be dozens of these “take” files. Is there any way to collapse them down into a single wav file for the track? I tried Mixdown with one track, but it didn’t do it.


Mixdown should do what you want. Did you have the tracks that you wanted to mix down selected in the dialog? After mixdoan did you close those wav fiels and open the mixdown file. The tracks are not deleted/replaced unless you tell Ntrack to do that. That’s the only thing I can think of that might keep many tracks from being combined onto one using mixdown.
Otherwise, your problem is new to me. Try again and see if it will work.

If I understand your question, you are concerned about all these wav files that you aren’t using taking up hard drive space. Here’s a few options to save space.

The first technique works if you can comp the separate takes into one file. This works fine when there are pauses that allow you to cut the files and comp the best takes into one wav file. Use the move command and hold down the shift key so they don’t move timewise (only up and down). You can then delete the rest of the files. Note, however, that this does not erase them from your hard drive (more on that below).

If the files don’t have breaks you need to use fade in/out to comp them together. This means that you still need separate track files. If you are really concerned about storage space you can use destructive editing to make the files smaller. I don’t like that idea but it will gain you some space before you can bounce them to a single track if you’re desperate.

Once you have the multiple files comped for a particular part you can bounce that down to a single file and import that back into your mix. Then you can delete the other files (remember, they are still on the HD if you simply use the trash can to get rid of them).

Now, if you want to clean things up you can use the “Packed Song File” feature. You can pack the song file with no compression and it will only save the tracks you are using in your song. Now you can delete the original song folder and all the stray files will be trashed. When you unpack the song file you will only have the track files you are actually using.

When I’m completely done with a project I save everything as packed song files and I delete the original folders. This has worked great for me.