Gilmour with a Les Paul

Eat yer heart out strat lovers!

Oh I couldn’t resist stirring up a little doo doo this morning!

:whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

He toned it as close to a Strat as he could - gotta give him an A for effort. Sad though ain’t it!?

Tsk, tsk… just shows to go ya’… even the greats can backslide.



Agreed, and picking up Paul (as in Les) is the first step of redeemption…

Heh… it’s a P-90 Paul… a single-cut Strat! :p

Seriously, you could give Sir David a busted uke and he’d sound like Sir David.


Yep soapbars, still sounds like David, just goes to show ya, ain’t the axe, it’s the axe holder! :laugh:

I do like phoo’s post up there ^^^^^ :laugh: :agree:

Hate to say it. But the solo on ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ was a LP :p

Quote: (DEAD CERTAIN @ Feb. 16 2009, 10:26 AM)

Heh... it's a P-90 Paul... a single-cut Strat! :p

Seriously, you could give Sir David a busted uke and he'd sound like Sir David.


Could very well be P100s. :p

Yes indeed… could be… but they sound like P-90’s IMO. :)


He sounds like himself even with a Duo Jet. Tone is in the fingers. Or lack of tone… :p

Gilmour’s strat sound was always LP like IMO. I just got my son, Dark Side…, which I hadn’t listened to in a while, and occasionally DG uses a sound that I would consider strat-like but mostly it’s that darker, fatter Humbucker sound that he gets. In that video, he’s doing the Knopfler thing with using just his fingers. That’s a nice old LP he’s got too - maybe a '54 - '56. Neil Young basically uses that same guitar (with mod’s).

IMO DG was never one to blow you away with pure speed.
But his tasty soulful bluezy style said volumes to me.
I always forget to add him as an influence but when I stop and think about it.
He’s been a big influence for me! In fact there are times when I’m recording and think that I’m not playing fast enough, I’ll tell my self that my phrasing is a little like David’s and that it should be fine, while I’m playing.
I’ll have to add him to the list!