Glam Rock Style Track.

Any opinions on the nuance.

I enjoy noodling around with different genres. I’ve got a groove going round my head and fancy buiding it in a proper Glam styleee. Spent a couple of weeks plugged into all the usual suspects, particularly migrating toward The Sweet (memories of worn-out tape), and Hot Chocolate. I’ve only just realised what fantastic writer of simplistic and timeless Pop Errol Brown is.

Of cousre, it’s gotta have the; Dum Di Dum Di Dum beat, and I’ve got the basic song stucture scribbled down. I’m working on the chorus (on my son’s pc with Audacity until I get my machine back)that was getting quite strong until it started to go a bit ‘Son Of My Father’ Scrubbed!

If anyone fancies throwing ideas in, to get the feel right? Cool.

So…where’s the track? ???

There isn’t one, yet. It’s still ‘up-side de head’, on paper and ideas squirted into Audacty.
Dum Di Dum Di Dum Di Dum.

well, be sure to use the short slap vocal sound of T. Rex!

Still no DAW so going through drum libraries - can’t find a clap that sounds 70s authentic.
Dialing through guit fx for a kind of ‘You Sexy Thing’/‘Man Who Sold The World’. ?

Bubba! What would you suggest for the nuance and technique?

I got me some Wailers!

I got a “Clap” Sample…
That’s if you’re stuck, to find one…


Cheers, Bill. If your Clap is home-made, I’d be delighted - I’ve got an alergy to off-the-peg Hits. What delay hardware would have been prefered on this kind of track?
Hey Bill! Just heard a track on the radio that I imagine you’re bored to death with. It’s not on UK playlists yet, but I believe it’s big on your patch - Lucky Uke - Cum On Feel The Noize. Love it.

have you got your pc back yet tony?
My hero from that era was without a doubt gary glitter, i know you have to be brave even mentoining his name now hes beeen exposed, but that sound he had on his records was awesomly original. The guitar sound & the drums & the vocal chants were genius. i went to a couple of his Christmas shows in the 80s.that guitar sound is easy to copy
sorry this is probably not helping you


Buh Bum Duh Clap Buh Bum Duh Clap :laugh:
That’s what I’m onabout. D’you fancy doin’ some Bolan style wailing?

No:-( Still no daw - next week. But scribbling on other gizmos.

Tony i’d be better at whaling probably . I cant sing!

is that a ‘yes’, then?


You’re right, Tina, I cannot hear RnR P2 without a visceral reaction. Immoral vicious creep.