Going on VACATION!! One week of......

parole from workplace purgatory…

Well fellers, I’m going to Savannah/Tybee Island, Georgia for a week. Maybe Dennis won’t douse my fun. Parting werdz…

Bubba… Keep ‘em straight up there bud! Go easy on the Accordion, don’t hurt yourself!
Phoo… Keep being Phoo man. You do it well!
Yaz… hope you get your Cindy-ized mess straightened out AND avoid a Dennis repeat.
Ali-Tank-Dude… same as phoo. There is no other Sceptic Tank (Thank God! :p )
Toker Mike… take it easy man. There are NO right wingers hiding under your bed dude. I promise! :D
TomS… look up some more big werdz to splain to me when I get back OK? I can use the edgumacation…
clark… be here to interpret Tom for me OK? LOL!
Jerm… keep shinin’! (Can I borrow that one?)
Isaac… I’ll be in your home state… but I’ll be loafing while you slave away at the salt mine so take it easy dude.
JP… There ARE right wingers hiding under your bed. Keep 'em there for when we need some spares! :D Rock on man…
Doc… wherever you are, I hope you are having a great time. Tell me how long it takes spit to hit the bottom of the Grand Canyon when you get back. Always wondered about that…

I know I’m forgetting some of my extended (although sometimes dysfunctional forum family) but certainly not on purpose. Take care all you guys/gals and may God bless you all!

TG – about to be as lazy and downright SORRY as is humanly possible and still be classified as living. :D See you in a week!!

I hope you didn’t forget to take a paper-and-comb with you… and an adaptor to plug it in… lol… :p :O

we’ll be wait’in for a photo report from you when you get back… EH?

I’ve been there… they got a big paper plant down there… I mean big…


We’re going to be in GA at the same time. We fly into Atlanta Tuesday night - Wednesday morning. Atlanta for a week then way across the state in Columbus for a week.

Looke like Dennis is moving a lot faster than first predicted. Let’s hope it’s out of there before we all get there.

You got a nice beach over there. Have lots of fun!

Have a great vacation TG. :)

Just plain lazy… You’re ruining the productivty of this great nation! That’s a good way to get expelled from the right wing club. :p Then why do I bust my ass so much being such a derned hippie?

Bubba slumps over to rethink his whole place in the universe.

Take em boys fishing TG! Have safe trip!

Hey TG, you’re probably gone by now, but hope it’s a good one!

I’m pleased to note that among the words in the thesaurus for vacation are both “liberty” and “slacking off.”


Hoping TG don’t come back to flooded house. Hoping all is well for n-Trackers in Georgia too!

Have a good one!


Toker Mike… take it easy man. There are NO right wingers hiding under your bed dude. I promise!

God - that would be really bad :laugh:


Hoping all is well for n-Trackers in Georgia too!

Three of us are doing just fine except two of us are severely jetlagged (and look it probably) and the other has to work (vacation was last week).

Left to Right - Teryeah, Sean, Phoo (3/4 of the real far tones, just hours after flying in and with no sleep literally (both of us to red-eye flights, though I suppose any flight from Norway to Atlanta is a red-eye)

We’ll be getting together some more later. So far the only plan is for Teryeah to teach the two Americans some Norwegian cussin’ and we’ll teach him some authentic redneck.

As a nice surprise the motel has wireless internet…not that I really need to be online during vacation I can pop in and post if I want…but the kids are happy now. What can I say…their Neopets aren’t going to starve now.

hey, cool! welcome to atlanta!.. don’t worry, it doesn’t rain like this year round :D



Had a great time! Tybee Island is a great spot for a relaxing vacation. If you want to go somewhere and spend a fortune on waterparks, go-kart rides and amusement parks, go elsewhere… Tybee is a great chill-out, stick your toes in the sand, flop in the Atlantic, eat some FINE seafood and VEG vacation spot.

Good to be back though…

Isaac, what is UP with the IDIOTS on I-75? What they never driven in the rain before? I bet we ran into a dozen wrecks/jam-ups once we got above Windy Hill/Smyrna. On the way up from Macon I could see the thunderheads north and thought about taking I-20 over to 431 and heading home that route. I thought “Nah, it’ll be alright…” STUPID! We had to sit in about four different jams while everybody gawked at all the wrecks…

Good trip though!

TG :)

ha!.. just imagine what happens when the radio says the word, “snow!”… yeah, the traffic to/from suburbia here is nuts… i live up GA 400, and it’s a nightmare during morning/evening… and this is suburbia!.. above windy hill, you’re getting into marietta, which has its own traffic woes… this is the south where we drive far too much… and the train (marta) system here is laughable… a word of advice for visitors to atlanta - stay on the sidewalk and come armed…

nonetheless, i’m glad to hear that you had a great trip!.. tybee, cumberland, st simons, jekyll are all rather relaxed spots… hilton head is worth the trip as well…


Welcome home TG, glad you had great time on vacation. Any flood damage at home?

Saw where Dennis or was it Cindy spawned tornado at Atlanta Motor Speedway, damage looked pretty rough. Wife’s sis lives west of Atlanta, they survived all. Will be heading down that way in fall. Where’s a good place to go fishing, without crowds?

Driving in any state in the south pretty much sucks anymore due to the amount of people moving here and the antiquedated highways and road systems we have.


Where’s a good place to go fishing, without crowds?

Yaz, if you want to avoid crowds, go to charlie elliot wildlife preserve… it’s down I20 about 45-50 miles east of atlanta… they have lots of ponds/lakes there… like 13-15, i believe… a shooting range, too… some of the holes are rather large, while a couple are small farm pond size… i always enjoy going out there…

apparently, the damage to AMS wasn’t as bad as the news was expressing… the best part is that the racing surface survived unscathed… only some stands seats and a couple of condos were severely damaged (heard from a.m. radio)…


Hiya Yaz.

Nope. No damage around here. Don’t know about fishing spots over Atlanta way but the town I am in is on the Tennessee River. Lake Guntersville to be exact. Gobs o’ good fishing to be had here. Ain’t wet a hook in a long time though…

Traffic here is not too bad. My wife and I are both five miles or less from our offices and can be there within minutes. I know a guy that lives in the Atlanta 'burbs, ten miles from work and it takes him an hour and a half each way. NO WAY! Not for me man…


Welcome back TG!

Welcome back !

Glad to hear you’re well rested. Nothing like coming back from a holiday feeling that it was succesfull.


What they never driven in the rain before?

TG, in CapeTown, SA the traffic is very bad when it rains.

I always say : "Cape Town drivers - instant idiots. Just add water"

I take it it goes for them I-75 guys as well…

LOL, Wihan. Sounds like drivers all over the world eh? Get behind the wheel, oops, raindrops, the brain goes into vegetation statis! Maybe it’s the hipnotic trance of the wind shield wipers! :D