Got me a new (nonmusic) toy.

Gelande Strasse, baby !

Took ownership of this before the weekend:

BMW R1100 (1999 model).

I’ve been wanting one of these for a couple of years now.

I’m the one on the right, my cousin (he’s had one for a year now) is on the black one.
He is a encyclopedia for gravel routes in our area. It gets rural quite quickly, so I have lots to explore.

Take care !

Hey Wihan,

I’m afraid I know nothing about bikes other than I once fell of a Yamaha FS1E moped when I was a yoof, but hey that doesn’t stop me enjoying your enjoyment of a new acquisition (notice I didn’t say “toy”).

You go and enjoy, and good on you.


Thanks, man !

In retrospect it is more of a lifestyle than a toy …

But I am enjoying it…


Hi Wihan:
If you were around here way back when, there was a guy up here… His nickname was Hux… He was a bike freak… I think he was into 500 - 750 cc size bikes…

He was one of the Artist Collaboration founders… I think…

Anyway, he just disappeared from all the Boards…

He’s gone… At least I haven’t seen him in some time…


Now, just think about all the microphones you could have purchased. :)

But ya can’t wipe-out on a mic…

Well… :laugh: :;):

Bah! Too few wheels and several decades too new. The roof-count is bang on the money, though :)

Quote (woxnerw @ Jan. 27 2007,18:23)
But ya can't wipe-out on a mic..

Well.. :laugh: :;):

Quote (woxnerw @ Jan. 27 2007,13:23)
But ya can't wipe-out on a mic..

Well.. :laugh: :;):

Exactly. I like having skin.
Quote (woxnerw @ Jan. 27 2007,13:23)
But ya can't wipe-out on a mic..

Well.. :laugh: :;):

HA! BS Bill... you haven't heard me SING! :D


Sorry Wihan… I shouldn’t have said what I did… I don’t include you with what the kids do around here with their “Rocket Machines”…

It’s just that I’d hate to hear a “Second-Hand” story where you are recovering from some collision with a ditch… or something… and you’d like to be able to eat your soup some other way than with a straw… and … that things will get better… so-the-doc-says…

That wouldn’t be nice coming from an n-Track Board Poster… :O ???