Got these two songs.

Not sure if they are any good.
i have no confidence in my songwriting.
Plus I know that the drums just suck.
Anyway, here they are:…on-fire

It doesn’t help that the progressions are so obvious and ripped off.

More good stuff, Tom.
(I’m struggling to nail the rip?)

OH, I dunno, the Cure or something. These have weak vocals and weak lyrics and are miserably whiney. Sounds seem dull to me recently. Ugh. Better get a new hobby. But thanks very much for the listens.

Oh oh! Is that a sad Tigger - a sorry, left alone in the woods, Tigger?

You need a change.

TomS! You’ve got one week to come up with a song that contains no drums (percussion accepted) or guitars in a key that you would normaly avoid. I haven’t scrutinised your comfort key, so I’ll trust you on that.

Comfort keys: G, A, C, sometimes D and E. I’m very much a creature of open chords.

Now, that it a noble challenge. Bb minor, no guitars. Other strings OK? Does the prohibition include bass guitars?

I challenge you to create a lyric based on a 7/9/7/13 scheme for the verses, and a repeating guttural chant for the chorus.

not really.

No bass.

Hi TomS:

It seems to me that you’ve discovered that format called Country Music…

In the Traditional sense, most Country Music had a format to follow…
Not so much today…
However, if the format was not followed your listening audience moved on and you were left wondering where your record sales went ????
The guys I worked with over the years used to argue all the time over the music we made…

I was not as traditional in my concept of the music we made.
I was told all the time…
What do you want?
Play Country Music?
Move on.
If I didn’t adhere to the disipline of the music, I was told they’d be looking for another Bass player…


7/9/7/13 scheme? Strange exotic code.
I’ll see what I can do.

Bill, all I do is write ABABCAB songs. :)

You can do it, Tony. Also, you have to work in a small reference to the camp movie of your choice.

I think I hear you TomS…

Leonard followed the Nashville Numbers System…
He used to say if you knew that system, you could arrange any song/music to lyrics… BUT the music had to be followed…
like making cookie dough…
It could be baked as long as you wanted to hear it…

when it came to Traditional Country Music… He was soooooo TCM