graphics program


Can anyone suggest a graphics program that would work well with the skins?
Mel is free and rather easy to use.

Can textures be changed with the skins with

Not sure - I use photoshop regularly.

Doesn’t look like it does textures - gradients and all that yes but I didn’t see any texture fills.

thanks. I’m trying to get a wood effect like country music feel,

Like This?

I’ll do a few if you want?

Poppa, could you do a new background for me to load into n-track?
I’d like something that expresses the void of existence, a nihilistic representation that is depressing but also simultaneously conveys the joy and nobility of the surd of existential freedom/ angst.
It ought to have polka dots as well, and perhaps puppies.

Heh-heh… funny. I’m laughing inside

I think what Tom wanted was this


Psssttt! You have to wipe it with lemon juice and apply heat to read it…

Dang. IF there was ever any doubt about it, Poppa’s brilliant! :agree:

Dio, my monitor smells like lemon pie now.