Gravy 101

Bacon (pig not turkey)

add flour… quarter cup or so…

Milk added - stir constantly till thick and gooey
add bacon back in

serve over toast with big glass of frank’s red hot.

Man up or sit at the kid’s table!


You can substitute sausage for bacon of course… gotta be swine though… Pig meat! Pig meat! YUM! Man it’s a good thing I’m not Jewish…


you got’er, pw! that’s how they do’er in oklahoma too. and when you order ham n eggs for breakfast the ham covers the whole plate and hangs over the edges. then they heap on the hash browns, 4 eggs, n plenty of gravy over the works. :love:

:laugh: aaa go do some situps

You could just use the bacon fat in the gravy and put the bacon on your paws, see how long you can keep from eating it. Looks delishous!

sit ups? I AM sitting up. No wait - maybe I’m sitting down…

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Mar. 26 2009, 2:50 PM)

sit ups?
I AM sitting up. No wait - maybe I'm sitting down...

aaa you can probably get your wife to carry your amps into the church for ya. lol
Is that toast under the gravy? Or catfish or chicken fried snake?

whole wheat toast - the healthy stuff!! :laugh:

And you had a Diet Coke to wash it down right? :p


no - Glass of Frank’s Red Hot!

You made me so hungry I had to eat, darn. You tried 2462 yet? Flav has the parametric eq fixed!
Also has some new features.

Just got it - gonna go try to break it for him. :laugh:

Darn using 2462 seems like running a race wearing a turtle shell, along with some other oddities. This build might call for a windows removal.