Great Django Post with video

with movie!

Steve Audio:…ps.html



Double Yep!

Time to stick my hands in the paper shredder :D


If I stuck my hands in a fire and let the fingers fuse together I would be lucky to get twinkle twinkle out of my guitar.

You know, I have been a Django fan for many, many years. Heck, I even wrote a few papers in college about the man. I mean, he had only two working fingers (he used the ring and pinky fingers occasionally, but not during fast solo lines). And of course, he had the thumb. But what if he could do all that with just his thumb. Wouldn’t that be even more incredible? I mean, what if he had no fingers… zip… zilch… not a finger on the hand except the thumb.

Well, I saw a dam_ fine banjo player the other night playing with out any fingers. He didn’t even have stubs. Nothing past the knuckles on the back of his hand. But he did have a thumb. And he was kickin’ arse. Check out these guys and check out the banjo player. They opened for Ricky Skaggs and they can play. :)