Grid Issue

Between Piano Roll and Timeline grids

I’m working on a song that has a tempo change about 17 bars in. I have the grid for the timeline turned on, and it seems to follow the tempo change with no problems. But now, I’m working on adding a string part using the piano roll for a midi track, and when I turn the grid on for the piano roll, the grid strays from the M:B:T of the piano roll timeline around the point of the tempo change. Is there any way to correct this?

I have just recently started using the grid feature after all these years of using n-track and wish I had started using it earlier; I love it; it really helps in lining up the timing of the instruments.

Icemusic. Which V and build are you running? Maybe check you’ve selected the part on the timeline that you want to work on in the pianoroll.

I’m running the latest version. I’m not at my DAW right at the moment, but I’m pretty sure it’s the latest build. I haven’t gotten any notifications from the program that there is a newer version lately.

What would highlighting a section of the timeline have to do with the difference in grid timing? Just asking.