grim reapers keybored ?

probley be asked a million times …

Hi Everyone … this is my first post so go easy … i was looking for a system to download and set up that would allow me to rechord and make my own music like any other musican so i could send songs to friends and all that jazz !! … i have downloaded a few different setups but when i came across N-track studios i found it really easy to get to grips with , so i was over the moon and started rechording stright away i recorded 8 songs on acoustic and put them stright on cd … then while listening back to it the grim reaper showed up and started playing the keybored in the background ?? … there dead pan notes !! i only have the trail version which was a free download so i guess its there to mess up the final mix to get you to buy the full product , but im only 16 so money isnt really falling from the sky right now , so is there anyway around getting this unwanted keybored off the track or is there no hope and i have to start saveing the pennies ???

You have no way of earning a few bucks? Raking leaves or something? Really, the program is super-cheap, compared with how much you’d pay for similar functionality - as I am certain you have discovered when looking at alternatives.

Perhaps we ought to establish a “scholarship” for younger users like yourself, who have no source of income… :)

If you really lack for cash, you could buy a copy of Computer Music, they have a full sequencer that you get for the cost of the magazine - although n-Track is so easy to understand that I’d just save up the pennies, as you said.

Cripes, just go download Reaper - it’s freeish.


A looooooong time ago, I was 13 or 14 and playing (trying to play) in a band with the Kent electric guitar I had received for a birthday gift. It wouldn’t stay in tune past the 2nd fret. At the time, I was really into the Beatles and knew that George (my favorite) was making MILLIONS!!! I thought that maybe if I wrote to him, he would send me a hundred bucks and I would pick up that Tele I had my eyes on. Yeah, right… Well, eventually I saved up the hundred and bought that tele ( a '56). Still, I always wondered if George would have sent me the hundred. But, I really doubt it…
If you lived next door to me or I knew you, I would probably come up with a way for you to earn $50 bucks so you could get NTrack ( I would probably even overpay you–like to support young musicians) …I’m sure you can figure a way…if it means enough to you. Of Course, there is always Audacity - its free, but NTrack is MUCH better.
Scholarship fund…nice idea to think about, but right now I’m thinking about this email I just received from a royal family in Indonesia that has caught my eye…???

Good luck, Dancer…I really hope we see you on here pretty soon asking questions about your new NTrack software and how to unleash all of its great features…


I can ramble, can’t I? :O

Thanks for everyones words … i did try Audacity , infact it was my first port of call , but i couldnt get it to change into mp3 format so i gave up on it , N-Track is cool so im gonna have to go on a charm offensive … :;): to get the program in full , so thanks everyone …

To change a wave to MP3 you need a WAV to MP3 converter. Some apps have it built in, but most of us use a stand alone converter. Audacity is a wave editor and n-Track Studio is multitrack recorder. It’s unlikely you’ll find a perfect all in one app. I say record in n-Tracks - mixdown to a wave for n-Tracks - final edit and clean up the mixdown in Audacity - convert to MP3 using a good converter of choice (there are MANY good ones).

There are MP3 encoders for Audacity. Just do a search on the Audacity pages.

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yeah i did look at the decoders for audacity , and it said that you need a file called lame_enc.dll , i found this file but for the love of GoD i just couldnt seem to get it working !! if anyone has any info it would be much help !!!

I think DbPowerAmp is another wave > mp3 convertor, as is Goldwave. I use both but prefer Goldwave because of the options…but its not free. I think the first convertor I used was called “Blade Enc”…not sure about that though…but it was a freebie.


Lame Instructions

Here is a how to

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If you are desperate you can connect a cable from your soundcard output back to its input and that way you will get a mixdown on the new track. While saving up to buy n-track.

Thanks everyone i got it working right , so thank you for all your kind works , i used Zipitfast pro and it worked a treat !! and now its working great … so thank you for all your help it was much needed …

Tiny Dancer, you got Audacity to work?

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