grooving drum loops

is there a utility out there that can convert my ordinarly drum loops that i made with tom hicks samples into groove clips?
it’s supposed to analyze the transients of the loops and impact them somehow to make them more "lively"

thank you

Hi chimusician:
I’ve played with that Drumagog application… It seems there is some of those attributes that you are refering to in that program… There are other other programs out there, as well that addresses that… but drumagog is one that I’ve played around with…


Not sure exactly what you are after, but if you have you drums in midi format you can feed them into Jamstix and it will play them back with it’s own improvisations etc.

I’ve never actually used Jamstix in that way as I use the inbuilt rhythms or program my own within JS rather than importing midi data…


With Melodyne you can automatically convert each hit into a separate audio event and then change its timing. You can change its pitch too if you want.

With Cubase you can Groove Quantize which does more or less the same thing.

With Fruity Loops you can stretch, morph and chop loops to change the groove.

I don’t know how to do it in n-track though.