I am playing around with the GSnap autotune plug-in but each time I try to select the key of the song, it just reverts back to the default again. I’m not trying to do anything super-clever like getting it to follow a MIDI melody (I know Flavio added support for that in a later build) - just setting the key.

Any thoughts?

Not sure what version of N I’m using as I’m at work but it’s one of the early v4 builds after it stopped being beta.

I just installed GSnap last night and found it seemed to work very nicely. However, like you, setting the key of the song didn’t seem to stick. A quick read of the manual implied that you had to check the box (can’t recall the exact description) that says something like threshold. Even checking that when I went back seemed to have reverted back to A Major.

So, was the key selected or not? Not sure. I’ll have to experiment some more with some vocals that are more out of tune than what I used last night. I must say, however, that the scrolling graph showed that it was auto tuning the vocal, which was D major not A. Maybe close enough that it worked?

Maybe someone can clear this up…

You must look at the selected notes on the keyboard on the left to see what key is used (or: which notes are considered to be ok).
The setting dialog always shows A maj when it opens, regardless of what key is actually being used at that moment.

GSnap has very messy UI handling. It also messes with the host’s UI when the plugin UI is open.

The auto-tuning is pretty good though :)

I’m sure Graham (the developer) would welcome the feedback/comments.

His web site is here:

And as the following thread on the KVR forums shows, he’s still developing it…



Did you set the scale to chromatic ?

'cause if you did the key that you set it in wouldn’t really matter…

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