Guess I'll say hi

I always wanted to play keys… However, that never happened… If I could master that instrument it would be along the style of a Nashville Session Player, Pig Robbins… There are other guys but he has the touch…

Mandolin… There are some great mendolin session players down there, as well… I think it’s not what they play on their tracks… It’s what they don’t play… I don’t know if the parts are written or they just step up to the mic and DO-IT…

See… sometimes I can edit my posts… ??? ?

I’ve heard mandolins chirp, shriek and even bark… but moan? Naw… ain’t never heard a mandolin moan. A dobro? Oh yeah, dobro’s moan.


PS Isn’t Mandolin Moan a Bruce Hornsby tune? :D

Welcome to the madness, we got what you need, welcome to the madness, we gone watch you bleed…oops that’s jungle not madness. Oh well, welcome to the forum.

D, Johnny Winters used to make a mandolin moan. I remember an old song called ‘Too Much Seconal’ (sp)

Writers block comes 'n goes, due to the correct/incorrect intake of spinach!

(ellarrwhofan @ Jun. 02 2007,21:07)
If I could have done this kinda stuff in 1974 I probably would never have stopped to breed and have a real career...

Exactly :D

Hey Lennie,

Just wanted to say welcome. Very cool paintings.

You know what’s even worse than GAS (though not quite so bad as Tracker’s block) is PAS (plugin acquisition syndrome). You can start your day fully intending to write/record/produce a song and realize you just blew your whole day playing with new plugins you downloaded. Haha.

Anyway, good to have you on the board.

Now, I thought that the consensus in the medical community is that GAS is a spectrum disorder, and PAS is one manifestation of it. Then there is UGAS (used gear AS), and CGAS (cheap gear AS), closely related to CCMIAS (cheap Chinese microphone AS), and the most deadly and harmful to marriages and relationships GICAAS (gear I can’t afford AS)…I think the DSM-GAS-IV allows these to be coded on multiple axes, as well (pardon that pun)…

You forgot a couple Tom.

GWDKA(Y)-AAS = Gear Wifey Don’t Know About (Yet) - Already Acquired Syndrome: Most notable effects are guilt trips. These however, do not occur WHILE using the GWDKA. :D

GB-AS = Gear Borrowed - AS. A friend of mine has a severe case of this. I don’t loan him stuff anymore… Notable effects should be obvious… :D YOU will need something and GB-AS will HAVE it…


this is great stuff. can I use it for my blog?

And don’t forget about us older players. GSOODR(T)WPWIWN.

I just play her one thing over and over then when we’re in a music store I play it on a nicer instrument and let her hear the difference. Works pretty well.

Yes, she does go into music stores with me. but she doesn’t stay long.

Now that you mention it, Diogenes, it seems to me that there must be a separate coding for AAS disorders. Aren’t AS and AAS analytically distinct? There is at least AAAISS - Already Acquired And It Sucks…that one has plagued me a little too much in the era of the cheap Chinese mic…

Alright, Yaz, I can’t figure out what GSOODR(T)WPWIWN is… so tell us already! :)

Yeah Yaz. I give… what is it? (Besides a mouthful) :D

Tom, I believe we do need to categorize these better!


(Diogenes @ Jun. 03 2007,18:25)
GWDKA(Y)-AAS = Gear Wifey Don't Know About (Yet) - Already Acquired Syndrome:

Oh boy, rumbled.....

Oh that? I’ve had it ages…

(XonXoff @ Jun. 04 2007,17:01)
Oh that? I've had it ages.....

Yeah that works pretty well. :D


Jeez fellers, my alzhiemers is kicking in, I forget what it was.

Gear so out of date, Roosevelt (Teddy) was president when it was new.

I think that was it. ???

“A Night at The Museum” reference perhaps? Hilarious movie in case you guys have not seen it yet.


Hey ell…
Welcome to the forum. There are a bunch o’ helpful people here so if you ever have a question don’t hesitate to ask. They taught me to use MIDI which is a real door opener. (thanks again everyone).
About lack of recording motivation…I never suffer that. I haven’t recorded anything in weeks but I have a pretty good excuse. My best friends and I were in a band back in the end of the 60’s. We have all moved away but every winter, for the past few years, we have sent around a songlist we all agree on. We practice the tunes for several months at our respective homes. When we go back to the old stomping grounds for the 4th of July we rent a small building and some equipment and buy a ton of beer and spend the week partying and jamming at jet engine level… Its great fun (course now the groupies are all my friends’ kids which is a bummer).
Anyway, after its over I can’t wait to get back in my spare room and start recording again…really refreshing - musically…

Sorry for being longwinded ( I hardly ever post)…again welcome…


I could use the help with MIDI. I’ve been futzing around with mda Piano and da Hornet since Saturday and need to get on with learning this stuff.