Guitar to midi

Anyone tried one of these yet?

Nope. I understand it works… sort of. You can easily get too fast for it to track and chords are out of the question. Still… for a lousy 99 G.W.'s it would be fun to mess around with.

You have that GR equipped Strat Pop’s… what’s wrong with using that?


Well the Strat could be sold to buy more gear!

Hmm… yeah.

I want one of THESE… and the skill to use it properly…


nice rig…

Yeah… of course, he has a gagillion bucks worth of synth’s hooked up to that thing. The fact that he’s a monster player doesn’t hurt a bit either.


Wow, I’m interested to hear how those units work out. I sold my Roland GR33 w while back to buy a new acoustic. Really miss the GR33 but maybe this could be the answer?

Thanks for pointing it out Poppa.

Lots of vids on Youtube.

I bought one - tried it - doesn’t work - returned it.

Don’t bite on that one.