Guys, you HAVE to try this.

Holophonic sound

This is pretty wacky stuff, no idea how they’ve done it with regular headphones… With the nearfields the sound comes left/right forward/back, but headphones are up/down/behind/infront. I thought it might be a binaural recording, but I dunno…


Hi Willy:
I think it’s some sort of Phase manipulation… … Whatever it is … it would be nice if it were a plug that could be used by whatever editor we use… If it were say a VST or DX type of Plug-in…


Bill, check out Spin Audio’s 3d panner:

Hi Tom:
I was sure I had some spin Audio Plugs… I looked… Where they are, is beyond me… The page doesn’t show any free ones now…

I have to tell ya this… Sorry Willy… OT… :O ???

Down the street … and out on the Shopping Strip… there’s a Markee Sign in front of a Needs Store that says…

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They’re saying the cost per kid runs around a Grand-or-so…

Thanks Willy… :laugh:

It’s phase, doppler, and EQ (delay, pitch, and eq) that makes it work. Very small changes can do really interesting things. It’s easy to experiment. Clone a track and do very slight though different changes to the. Experiment with panning. Sometimes you can make a track sound very wide with one of them panned dead center and the other off to one side. Hard panning the tracks is not always necessary.

Thanks for the link, Willy.

It is absolutely amazing.

Not something you can explain to someone.
It was weird ‘feeling’ the guy shaking that packet of matches behind my back.


i dont care what makes it works that is bloody amazing!!!

what i’m impressed by is how your brain interperuts the sound!!
obviously its just coming in from the right and from the left
but your brain interperuts the changing signal as being spacially dynamic!! wow!
i found my self looking around to see who was shaking the matches behind me!! ha ha brilliant
ahh i’m listening to it now. its making me shiver!!! thats amazing!!!