Happy BDay jhonan

long time no see…

Hey jhonan,

Haven’t seen you around in quiet a while, I do hoep all is well.


keep shinin’

jerm :cool:


You know, HBD is an acronym that police use for “Had Been Drinking” so it always means something a little different for me when I see it used.

Mind you, I do wish jhonan a Happy BirthDay and I know that, if it were my birthday I would have been drinking so maybe it comes out to the same thing after all!

Hey! Thanks for the birthday greetings! :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s been ages since I’ve been on this board, but it’s nice to see you guys are still around.

Oh… and I Had Been Drinking.

Well, Bill, shows you what I know!

Again, HBD jhonan!