You crotchety ol’ cuss!

Hope you have a good one dude. You need to drop by more often. The Southern Red-neck contingent has been pretty sparse here lately… but I’m hangin’ in! :D


Hippo Birdy!

Wow… more birthdays! That means I get to raise another beer!

Happy birthday Yaz!


DOH ! Sorry ! Wrong thread. Must be too sober…

Happy Birthday Yaz… Whatever made me think you were younger than 50? However, that’s a good age to be…


Happy birthday mah man …

Thanks fellers. Just another day to me, other than the 4 hour wait at the DMV.

Been super busy here of lates, been getting to drop in to the forum briefly in the a.m.
Getting older and uglier, working harder than ever, oh well, life’s a beach and then a hurricane blows it away! :D