HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!...................

OL’ Red-eye! JasonSpatola

Have a good 'un yer young punk! :D


PS Anybody seen/heard from Isaac? Dat guy done disappeared… maybe he switched to Mapple…?

hip hip !!

Quote (Guest @ Jan. 05 2007,12:19)
hip hip !!

hop hop?

Yep. Happy birthday JS.


Happy birthday !

If he visits the Board he has another Handle…

He may have fired his computer out with the trash…

I can’t imagine anyone going over to MApple… ??? :(

What would they be thinking :O

Where do these guys go… anyway… when they leave here? :(


Yep, wishin’ you the best.

i still visit your site (to play tetris…lol)

That was me JP who approached the high score…lol




Quote (Diogenes @ Jan. 05 2007,00:17)
Have a good 'un yer young punk! :D

Thanks everyone. For some reason the board isn't letting me log in. I think it's because I accidentally hit the "change email address" thingy in the options and forgot to respond to the verification email. But anyway, thanks a lot!

Probably… time for a new name perhaps Red Eye?