Happy Birthday Gideon!


23 - wish I was 23 again!

Happy B-day giddy-yawn

Was Gideon born… or did he just “appear”? After all, women are just foul harlots. Does he call his mom a “Foul Harlot”?

Happy “sprang into existence” Day anyhow…


God didn’t do it…it was was some unidentified intelligent thingorother. :laugh:

Sometimes I long for a foul harlot myself. No - make that FOUL HARLOTS :)

C’mon guys, he’s been decent recently - had a good comment about ribbon mics, too. :)

I still think it’s robert. ???

It’s not Robert – Gideon knows his computer geek stuff too well, really. Robert was a great faker. Gideon has my respect when he posts seriously.

Gideon’s in the same time zone I’m in, and Mike is in (Pacific). Seems like it anyway, based on his posting pattern. I don’t know what timezone Robert was in, but it wasn’t one of the 24 on this planet.

Robert was in florida I think.

Tampa Bay.

Happy birthday Gideon !

Btw - I like the ‘newer’ you.