Happy Birthday Sgt. Pepper!


40 years ago today


The album was released on June 1, 1967 in the United Kingdom and on June 2, 1967 in the United States.

Am I that old?

Still the greatest!

Wish I could pen tunes like that!

Hmmmm, 40?

Let’s see, if it was 40 years ago, that it was sung “it was twenty years ago today…” then that means the band is 60 years old.

And do we actually know how old Sgt Pepper was when he started to teach the rest of the band? ???

Anyway, the poor old sod is probably pushing up daisies now anyway.

But just think, we bitch about this and that, we wish for better and faster and more thingies…but that was all done on 4 track tape; and how many of us with super duper DAWS, all singing all dancing synths, and all the rest of that stuff, have even come close? :cool:

not even george martin could help my stuff,the beatles went to see hendrix play a gig in england like 3 days after the albums release and jimi opend the show with the tune "sgt. pepper"mcartney said it was maybe the best he ever seen hendrix play.i like how i turned the conversation to hendrix! lol

Of course, not just 4 track - I’d like some of those mics and preamps and such.

But it’s just a sin that we complain at all

No, Bill, actually you are not that old. :)

hey bill,you being from the country side of the tracks,did ya give pepper any kind of thought? or did ya think they had finally gone too far and wig’d out. i was only 12 at the time and i can remeber thinkin they had gone weird,but a friend of mine down the street had the album and by the end of that summer i think i had decided i liked the songs.it wasnt untill a year later that i got into jimi,and then nothin was the same

By early June of '67 we were expecting our first. June 14th was the arrival date… We named her Cindy… The stage I was playing on was considering going on the “Road” and making a career out of Going Up-and-Down the Road. I got a phone call from Bill Langstroth, Ann Murray’s Hubby… I don’t think they were married yet… I don’t remember… They were looking for a Bass Player … I refused/said I was busy with the stage I was working with, at-the-time… I often wonder where I’d be today, had I went with that stage…

Believe me… Sargent Pepper took a King-Sized bite out of the Music Business in the America’s… and around the world…

AaHh… I am allowed to edit this post…

Elvis Presley was going… Big Time… Pepper put a dent in his energy… Can I say that the next big upset to happen was Shania Twain and Producer/Hubby? I stand corrected… But I am unable to think of any Big-Time Enertainer/Money-Maker to come along in-between… Can you??

I have a friend… He’s a bit younger than I am… However, he has everything ever written about the Beatles… Everything… All the records… complete… everything… Musically, he lives and breaths the Beetles…

elvis was already into mushy stuff by then,the last rock tune he had made was" big hunk of love", i think that was already like 62,rock was kinda in a tail spin before the british invasion,mainstream i mean,there mite have been a few real rockers doin rocknroll,but alot of the radio stuff was moslty pop stuff.of course after the beatles hit hard you either got on the bus or ya walked , after elvis’s 67 comeback special if u can remember he got on the wagon of the times with “if i can dream”& "in the gheto "and grew his hair out a bit,i dont think he cared for the beatles ,but he made it look good,he had them over to his crib for a few hr’s,nuthin much happend from what ive read,must have been hard for the guy to give up the throne ,but now in hindsight we can say that he had too .shity management did him in,do you know that elvis never did a concert outside of the us? the biggest single attraction in the world,and he never plays outside the us,wow!!! blown op there,but it was because col.tom(his manager ) was an illegal immigrant,and didnt wanna take the chance of havin the truth surface by goin for a visa

As long as Elvis has made an appearance, I have to say: one of the greatest stories of manipulation ever - Elvis was used, simply used, and his great talent wasted along with his life. Truly an American tragedy.

I Agree with you TomS and wozz… Between the music and movie contracts there may have been multi-multi millions earned… in’60’s dollars…

I’m unable to fathom out as to where and who’s pockets it filled… Money is something like energy… You can’t loose it… It gets converted to some other form of energy… but where did it go?


(woxnerw @ Jun. 02 2007,15:59)
I often wonder where I'd be today, had I went with that stage..

not sure where ya would be now,but ya would probably have "snow bird" and "iam woman" commin out yer yiptistrainious by now,,,,,
funny how them babies can change the direction of music,,i know it changed mine too,,,haha!!!

You see… The guy that wrote Ann Murray’s early songs was a guy from Prince Edward Island… (way up on the west end of the Island where Stomp’in Tom Connors lives)… If I’m correct, the place is called Skinners Pond… His name was Gene McLelland… I’m not sure if I spelt his name correctly… He was a beautiful Writer/Musician… He wanted no recognition what-so-ever, for his creative abilities… He was somewhat of a recluse…

We played over in Charllotown a few times at a place called the Prince Edward Room. Everybody got their beginnings by playing that bar… Even Ann Murray… Anyway, every time we played there we would see Gene at the bar… When we would take a break I would look for him… But he was never there by the time we got off the stage… You couldn’t miss him in the audience… He had sight in only one eye… He wore a patch on the other one… I’m not sure if he was born that way or he lost his sight through some accident.

IT was several years ago, but it was reported that he was found out in his garage… He’s not with us anymore… What a SAD story it was, as it was reported… It was a real loss to Eastern Canadian Music Creativity…


Well I’ll have to say this, the Beatles were writing great MUSIC. Everything else wuz noise. Nuffsaid!


Sgt Peppers was the first record I heard in stereo!
Up until that point I just listened to mainstream pop, but afterwards I began to explore the “other” kinds of music that were emerging around that time.
That’s where my musical education began, with that album.



That’s where my musical education began, with that album.

OK - I think Sgt. Pepper did break a lot of ground for a studio album & I think a lot of the songs on it were very good but I’m going to take the contrary view for a second. Has anyone read Here, There & Everywhere, the book by the Beatles’ engineer? In it, he talks about Lennon going on about how Sgt. Pepper was crap. Now you know part of that was Lennon’s abrasive temperment (and jealousy toward’s Paul) but part of it was the truth IMO. Perhaps it took me 40 years to actually agree with John.

Aside from the great beginning & later refrain, the album is really a collection of a bunch of songs that aren’t related to each other at ALL. And Harrison’s songs didn’t fit in either (I always skipped over them when I first listened to the album), even though I kind of like them better than the others today. If it weren’t for all the production, I wonder how that album would have stood up? Alot of the songs seemed like half finished songs, pasted together, even back them (LSD and A Day in the Life are examples).

In any event, I agree with Lennon - Sgt. Pepper’s was way over-rated and many of the other Beatles’ albums are much better.

Strange how those early listening experiences colour your perceptions of music. Maybe the 1st album you listen too might guide your musical preferences for the rest of your life.
For example, Beefy and I are around the same age and grew up in the same sort of surroundings in the North of England. Except, Beefy started listening to and buying music around 3 years before me. So “Peppers” is important to him and he was greatly influenced by Bands like Cream. To this day he is a big Clapton fan.
Sgt Peppers, frankly, doesn’t move me that much. The 1st Album I bought was Deep Purple In Rock. The next 2 were Jethro Tull, Aqualang and Wishbone Ash.
Hence, Beefy is a Clapton man and I’m a Blackmore man.

However, we are still in full agreement about the Quo boys. :) Riffmaster Rossi rules!!


funny thing, Mr Soul, you’ve picked what I would argue were the two highest points of the album.