Happy Birthday Willy !

My favourite Australian !

Have a good day ma’ man !


Happy Birthday Willy!



Happy Birthday Willie.

It’s Tinnie time!


Yep. Happy Birthday.

Not sure about the “favourite aussie” bit though Wihan, what about Kylie? Oh, yeah OK, I agree, Willy is our favourite aussie.

Have a good day Willy… (actually I guess for you it’s already over?).

Hi Willy:
I haven’t been here all day… I missed your Birthday… sorry… I hope you had a great day… Happy Birthday… Try to stay outta that heat… It can be really taxing on your energy…


HBD! :)


Happy birthday Willy,

Remember, (and I’m taking into account colonial pronunciation here! :D)

“Kata” is kicking the shit out of an imaginary opponent…

“Guitar” is plucking the shit out of an imaginary Sheila! :cool:

Thanks guys, sorry I didn’t get on earlier, but I’m in the process of moving and just had the internet hooked up again.

I just wanted to say - it was quite a party if you only got back to us now …


We’re hearing over here that the East Coast is in the middle of a Big Drought… NO Rain and all… Blistering Hot Temperatures…


Happy Birthday Belated Willy, been under the weather and radar here! :D