Happy New Year


I see Mark A on here…
I have 8:45 local time.
I have a new bed to sleep in …

I got it all ready to go…
I hope I don’t over do the snoring.
Anyway, I hope I don’t shake the ground too much.
We are forecast 10-12" of snow overnight.
It hasn’t started yet…
Then tomorrow, as the wind comes around,
the forecast is for another 10-12" of snow…
with no rain…

We’ll see…



I’m soooooo full of ‘cold’ I can’t breathe properly but my family tradition is to have a Rum or two…so…I find myself breathing ok now…

I REALLY wish the happiest new year to everyone!


And to all of you here that have made the last year just a little more tolerable.

Here’s to 1979!

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Dec. 31 2008, 7:35 PM)

Here's to 1979!


Happy new year to any & all outlandish friends I've met here (You know who you are :whistle: )

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Well… almost… it’s only 2140 here. Got a ways to go yet but I think I’ll make it.

I tell you what… you guys piss and moan that I never post any music here… hang on a bit. Special “Dubious New Year Clip” coming up. (Once you hear it… you’ll stop wanting me to post music… :laugh:

D - be right back…

Quote: (Dubious @ Dec. 31 2008, 9:42 PM)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Well... almost... it's only 2140 here. Got a ways to go yet but I think I'll make it.

I tell you what... you guys piss and moan that I never post any music here... hang on a bit. Special "Dubious New Year Clip" coming up. (Once you hear it... you'll stop wanting me to post music... :laugh:

D - be right back...

Well crap... Nevermind... the ol' ball and chain just popped in... I'll try to post it tomorrow...

Gotta go... :disagree:


Hippo newt ear to all of you, too. maybe now that it’s 1979 we can get rid of all the dern disco that’ been ruining music, and get back to some real rock and roll.

Happy New Year everyone. (Even you despondent disco lovers, put off by the prior post.)

Prior Post - man I could listen to their stuff for hours.
And for my English friends they pronounced it Prior Post not Prior Post.

Happy Nude Beer to you all.

'79 eh? Got my strat then. No more Kays or Columbuses or Egmonds for me (wish I still had them though!)

“I got my first real six string”

Happy New Year!! 1979? Glorious year…Pink Floyd were number 1 in the UK charts…Happy days (sigh!)

Here’s to all of you here…CHEERS!!

Happy Nude Deers to all!

Hmmm, musta been that wine I had.

1979? ? ? Oh crap. . . .now we gotta suffer thru the 80’s again. Man that sucks, disco will peter out but, now we gotta contend with “A Flock Of Seagulls” again.
“And I ran, I ran to turn the radio off!”


1979? Hey, that means I’m not married yet!

Time to polish the medallion, strap on the chest wig and hit the Disco :cool:

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to all you blokes. I’m turning English.
What’s more, I’m in a KC and the Sunshine Band kind of groove
here on SOE FM.
‘That’s the way uh-huh uh-huh I like it uh-huh uh-huh’ (1975)
Giant space mice will land in Peoria Ill. and start a re-birth of
great ‘B’ Sci-Fi movies.

Sid Vicious dies this year. Sad…

1979, the wife wants to have kids . . .

BRB gotta go get busy. :laugh:

1979? kinnnergarden/1st grade. but even then i had hair that would rival anyone in 3 dog night. but not Boston, especially that drummer. my parents were not fans of haircuts for themselves or me.
i wasn’t even old enough to skip school and hit the beach yet. but i was old enough to take the covers off of all my dad’s stereo and bass cabinet speakers and press all the speaker cones in, breaking most of them. i was a fidgetty little brat.

Oh man - how many speakers my kids killed over the years. I finally went to metal covers. Tuning rattles is fun. Who’d a thought they’d be buying me digital toys for Christmas 30 years later? Gotta lub’em.