Oh the joy of it all…

Got yer taxes filed? Not that I care… but the IRS does!!

The Taxman Cometh…


the darkest day of the entire year.

If you don’t owe, you can procrastinate for a few years :D


Quote (clark_griswold @ April 15 2005,12:22)
the darkest day of the entire year.

Yup. Specially when you see how they piss it away...........


how many “studies” of how squirrels breeding patterns change when evil Republicans are in office did YOUR taxes pay for today?

Yes, 1 too many.

Mine was filed down 2 months ago & my refund was electronically deposited into my account. I pay someone $250 to do it - it’s well worth it.

what does that have to do with anything?

At least my taxes paid to know the flo-rate of tomatoe catsup!
Doesn’t everyone want to know this info?

Bottle Full - beat the crap out of it to achieve minimal flow. Use knife or straw to assist.
Bottle 2/3 Full - reasonable flow rate for dousing your fries liberally. (No pun intended)
Bottle 1/3 Full - Look out! A RED Niagra Falls is about to appear!! White shirt? Oooh, I hope not!

Done. I’ll send you a bill. Garaunteed to be AT LEAST 10,000 percent lower than gov’t rates!


Thanks TG, man that was cheap! LOL